Top 5 Famous Bad Guys Of Shakespeare

5. Claudius

  Hamlet’s uncle. And stepfather. See, he killed Hamlet’s father (King of Denmark) and made good with the queen so he could become king. He then hired Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to kill Hamlet, and when that didn’t work, he told Laertes about Hamlet, whose father Hamlet accidentally killed. They devise a scheme for a duel, and Claudius will poison Hamlet either with a cup or with Laertes’ poisoned sword. Too bad his wife took a sip from the glass and died. Hamlet is dead, Laertes is dead. Claudius is dead. So he dies guilty of: murder, adultery, consanguinity (somehow), attempted murder, involuntary manslaughter, and murder.

  4. Richard III

  Poor Richard III. He is ugly, hunchbacked and mean. In order to return to the world, he bribes a fortune teller to tell him that his brother is a murderer, and his brother is imprisoned in the Tower of London. Despite having killed her husband and father, he agrees to marry Anne Neville and persuades her. He basically kills anyone who opposes him and then decapitates his two nephews for good measure. When a guy says, “I’m determined to prove you’re a badass, and I hate the idle pleasures of these days,” you know you’re in for some bad deeds. Yes, my friend. I’m not kidding.

  3. Iago

  Many people will say that Iago is at the top of the list. When you read the first two, you will understand why Iago is number 3. Iago is definitely the villain. He is envious, evil-hearted and malicious. He gets joy from the pain of others. He is jealous of Cassio, so he convinces Othello that his (Othello’s) wife slept with Cassio. Othello then kills Desdemona and himself. After handing over his wife, Iago recklessly stabs him. He has absolutely no regrets. At the end of the play, as he leads her to what appears to be destruction, he says, “Ask nothing of me: what you know, you know:
  After this moment, I will never say a word.” He is a hard core.

  2. Tamora

  Tamora, queen of the Goths, entered Rome with Titus Andronicus. Titus marked her down pretty bad right off the bat, so Tamora asked her boyfriend, Aaron Moore, to think of bad things for Titus. You’ll get a list of crimes in slot number one, but as you read it, remember that Tamora was Aaron Moore’s partner in crime, his Clyde’s Bonnie, and you’ll see one of the darkest plays ever. the greatest mischief.

  1. Moor Aaron

  Tamora was very angry with Titus for sacrificing one of his sons. Yes, we would be crazy too. But Harun the Moor’s revenge was so brutal that he tops the list of Shakespeare’s Top 5 Villains. Check it out. They cut out his tongue and cut his hands so that he could not recognize them. Titus’ other two sons were arrested, so Aaron told Tamora that if Titus cut off his own hand, he would free his sons. So Titus cuts off his hand and immediately gets his sons back—removes their bodies. See? We told you it was terrible. However, Aaron got the better of him. He was buried up to his chest and left to die of thirst and hunger. I wonder why they don’t teach that play in high school?

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