Top 10 Best Museums Of All Time

There are museums of history, art and science all over the world. Some of the most famous include the Louvre, the Smithsonian, and the San Francisco Exploratorium. But there are as many strange museums as there are famous museums in the world. The weirder the museum the better to make it onto this list.

  10. Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum

  Everyone loves their pets. A pet museum might be interesting, but a museum dedicated to dog collars is not so much. However, with over 100 examples ranging from medieval to Victorian, that’s what London has to offer. Looks like Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum has a collar in the competition!

  9. British Lawnmower Museum

  Year after year, people go for lawn mowers to keep their lawns crisp and well-kept. But a good number of these people don’t know the history of the lawnmower, and maybe don’t care. If you are interested, then there is a museum for you in Southport, Lancashire, UK. The British Lawnmower Museum houses over 200 examples of this essential machine for lawn enthusiasts.

  8. International Friendship Exhibition Hall

  how i love you Let me count the ways. This happened with the gifts received by Kim IL Seng and Kim Jong Il at the Kim IL International Friendship Exhibition Hall. With more than 90,000 gifts on display, it was items given to the two leaders by foreign dignitaries during their time as North Korean heads of state. Who can resist green train cars as a thank you gift for your leadership?

  7. Museum of Bad Art

  With a collection of more than 400 works between two museums in Dedham Square and Somerville, Mass., these museums give new meaning to “can’t color between the lines.”

  6. Marikina City Shoe Museum

  It seems fitting that former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection is part of the Marikina City Shoe Museum. The display, which is only part of the more than 3,000 shoes he collected, still contributes to the wealth of shoe knowledge and lore presented in Marikina City. Their mission: to inform the world about how shoes are designed and made in this city, especially known for its shoemaking prowess.

  5. Mütter Museum

  The medical museum has medical oddities, wax models and antique equipment. Among the more popular exhibits are a nine-foot-long preserved colon filled with feces, growths taken from Lincoln’s assassin, and a woman whose remains have been turned into soap—in fact, making her the world’s cleanest mummy.

  4. Burlesque Hall of Fame

  Located on Route 66 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the Burlesque Hall of Fame features burlesque shows and holds annual fundraising events for a wide audience. Their mission: to inspire, educate and entertain the public to advance understanding of the history and legacy of classic burlesque, including but not limited to the art, artifacts and personal histories of its brightest stars. I assume they are aware of all the classic burlesque situations.

3. Sulabh Toilet Museum

  A few thousand years ago, the presence of running water, sewage and sanitation was almost unheard of. It looks more interesting at the Sulabh Toilet Museum in New Delhi, India. There are displays of toilets from centuries past, as well as documentation of how toilets have helped the world. Maybe singing on the throne would be good?

  2. Vibrator Museum 

  Perhaps the most erotic museum on this list, this San Francisco “museum” displays ancient artifacts designed to help women fight hysteria. As one of the first five products to use AC power, the vibrator has a long history, and the museum wants to shed some light on women’s dark bedroom experiences.  

  1. Icelandic Museum of Phallology

  Ode to the Phallus: Where, where have you gone? where will i find you Maybe in the Icelandic Museum of Falacology. This Reykjavík museum has the penis or penis parts of nearly every mammal and sea creature native to Iceland. Maybe the Vibrator Museum and the Phallacology Museum should be combined? 

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