The Glory Season 1 Review

The Glory Season 1 Review 
  The Glory follows a woman named Dong-eun as she plans to get revenge on her high school bullies and make them all pay for their actions.  

  The main lead, Dong-eun, is on a quest to find justice and has been plotting revenge since he was 16 years old. On the other hand, there is Park Yeon-jin, a horrible, sadistic person who enjoys making people suffer. For him, it’s fun and he’s not bad in any way. He is the leader of a violent gang and tries to pass himself off as an artist along with his four assistants, Lee Sa-ra, a drug addict.

  There is also Jeon Jae-Jun, who is a cold, heartless and selfish person. He has a soft spot for Park Yeon-Jin, and they both have a secret, but it’s one he’s kept hidden for a long time. There’s also Choi Hye-jeong, who comes from a poor family but manages to transform into Yeon-jin’s puppet without the physical pain that Dong-eu suffers. She is jealous of Yeon-jin, has a secret crush on Jae-jun, and dreams of marrying a rich man. He is only part of the group because his survival depends on it.

  Finally, there is Son Myeong-oh; he’s more or less Jae-joon’s lap dog. He also dreams of being rich and is willing to sell out his friends quickly. However, he also enjoys hurting others.

  Away from the gang of bullies is Park Yeon-jin’s husband, Han Do-young. He is fascinated by Dong-eun and his playing of Go. He’s a multi-layered character, and one that audiences can rally behind, even if his morals are somewhat questionable.  

 Part 2 focuses on Dong-eu pulling the woodwork for his revenge plan. As our hero pursues his goals one by one, the stakes increase.

  The parental figures here will likely disappoint you as they did us. It is amazing how adults choose to turn away and do nothing when it is their job to protect their children. This includes teachers who remain silent and police who help cover up violence. However, it all wraps around a larger story that allows us to rally for more Dong-eun.

  It was satisfying to see the breakdown and Dong-eu being able to move on from the trauma. Domestic violence is a topic that we don’t cover enough in the media because reporting these family members is considered taboo. I enjoyed their scenes and how they try to help each other find happiness.

  For a revenge drama, The Glory is top-notch, but the final episodes feel a bit rushed and the ambiguous ending will leave you wanting more. All that said, if you’re looking for a compelling revenge drama to watch, give The Glory a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

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