The Best Man New Web Series New Season Review

Series Season Review 

The Best Man film series was first released in 1999; When we first meet a group of college friends who plan to be there for Lance when he and Mia get married. When one of the best men is revealed to be sleeping with the bride-to-be, the date doesn’t go as smoothly as you’d expect.

  With a stellar cast that includes Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Terence Howard, Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall, the show has become a classic Black romantic comedy. Not surprisingly, the film has been greenlit for a 2013 sequel.


  Fast forward to 2022, and it’s been announced that the friends’ stories will finally be resolved in an eight-episode television installment.  

  In terms of storyline and cast, Best Man: Final Chapters delivers another fun and entertaining show. We see what the actor is up to and how Covid-19 is affecting them. Over the years, they all managed to maintain a close bond.

  Each of them is in different places; Harper is doing well as an author and is asking the gang for permission to adapt her first book into a film. Of course, it’s about his first book, Unfinished Business, which nearly destroyed his friendship with Lance.

  Unfortunately, because each of them wants different things, problems arise between them and they are forced to reconsider their relationship.

  Quentin, a charming man himself, is ready to give up his nasty ways and settle down, but what happens when his ex refuses to give up his history? Shelby, on the other hand, is thriving in her career as an influencer and business mogul, but she’s forced to think about how to evolve over time.


  We also have Jordan, whose career has drawn him from every angle. He has been doing this for most of his life and learning how to do the hardest thing he has to do.

  Finally, there’s Lance, who is still reeling from losing his wife, Mia. Being a single father isn’t easy, and his son throws him an unexpected turn. However, a champion like Lance will still find a way to overcome it all. He also struggles to find his purpose after retirement and tries to find love again.

  The show manages to wrap up most of the characters’ storylines, but when it comes to Jordan and Harper, we still have unfinished business. The uncertain ending of their relationship is certainly a bit frustrating, although we still think we have this limited series and it helps us say goodbye to these characters.

  The cast and production team do a great job of telling the stories and covering most of the issues fans of the show are currently facing. We have grown up with the show and it feels like the characters have grown up with us. Time has changed them and helped them mature, and at its core, this show is about friendship, romantic relationships, and a support system around them.


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