Pathu Thala STR New Movie 2023 Review

Movie Review 

The hype around Pathu Thala was quite palpable. At the trailer and audio launch of Ponniyin Selvan 2, where Simbu was invited as the chief guest, the star received a rapturous welcome with thousands of fans shouting ‘Pathu Thala’. How often do you see fans come to the audio presentation and cheer for another game. movie? Simbu is one such fan who enjoys watching such a fan. Let’s see if the hype translates into an interesting film.  

 Pathu Thala starts on a sad note. We are introduced to Chief Minister Arunmozhi (Santhosh Prathap) announcing the vaccination welfare scheme. Deputy Prime Minister Naanjilaar Gunasekaran (Gautham Menon) is waging a cold war.  

  Meanwhile, AGR AKA AG Raavanan is a dreaded gangster who holds the government in his hands. Guna is assigned the mission to approach AGR so he can find out where CM is and collect evidence. Will Guna succeed in his mission? Will he blow the cover?

  Director Obeli N Krishna (who also wrote the screenplay) took a formulaic route with Pathu Thala. Every gangster drama has a list of things we’ve been exposed to over the years. The fearsome gangster turned hero has a past that highlights his good side. There is also a story that explains why the hero became a gangster. Pathu Thala ticks every box and yet fails to thrill you.

  The gangster drama has some select scenes that dazzle. Take Simbu’s presentation for example. The makers are teasing the audience with the visuals of simbu’s AGR, without actually showing his face. Towards the break, he makes a grand entrance to AR Rahman’s pulsating score and we can’t help but applaud him.  

 However, the big let down is Obeli N Krishna’s script. The film lacks a strong impact during important sequences. Since the story is predictable, the viewer is not surprised. Similarly, Gautham Menon, the main antagonist, also looks like a caricature and lacks a fully developed character arc.

  Simbu, as a fearsome gangster, gave a classy performance as AGR. In the climax, he comes out all guns blazing. One can almost say that he is dancing to the tunes of AR Rahman. In short, this is the devil’s dance. (PS: Satan is AGR’s code name among cops). As a thoughtful secret agent, he did a good job. Priya Bhavani Shankar has a small role. Simbu’s on-screen relationship with his sister Anu Sithara provides some respite.  

 AR Rahman’s backstory takes the predictable story to a new level. Nee Singam Dhan and Osarattum Pathu Thala are the best picks from the album. Cinematography by Farooq J Basha and editing by Praveen KL complete the story.


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