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Nani has been all over the place for the past few weeks. Be it promotional events or social media, he has gone all out to promote Dasara as a pan-Indian initiative. But Dasara was neither Pushpa nor KGF. Despite the predictable storyline, Srikanth Odela had his stamp.  

 They come from a village called Veerapalli, where men take bottles. Dharani and Suri are best friends.  

  Srikanth Odela is a debutant filmmaker but a promising talent. With Dasara, he created a semi-fictional world and successfully transported us to the village of Veerapalli. It shows Dharani as a sensitive weakling. For the hero, he cries on screen, loses bladder control, and trembles in fear when trouble knocks on the door. In contrast, his friend Suri is his strength. While Dharani is naive, Suri is practical. Meanwhile, there’s the whimsical Vennela, a breath of fresh air.

  Dasara is a film based on its own drama. Srikanth Odela is in no rush to explore the story properly. Dasara has many layers. The film deals with women and how they are exploited, widespread caste politics and superstition.  

 While the world-building, characterization of the leads and music make Dasara enjoyable, some tropes prevent the audience from fully enjoying this brilliantly shot revenge drama. In one scene, Dharani makes a decision that affects Vennela’s life. However, Dasara has another scene where Vennela asks if she has a say in her life because she was never asked! And the hyper-masculine hero apologizes.  

The power dynamics in Veerapally village keep you hooked. However, some early stretches of Dasara may test your patience. Nani’s Dharani holds most of the film while Deekshit’s Suri takes the cake. Probably because the interval sequence puts you in a state of shock. 

Nani is Dasara’s soul. Keerthy also has a meaty role in the film. It is actually Suri who steals the show with her effortless acting.

  One thing that Srikanth Odela can work on is the characterization of the villain Shine Tom Chacko. It walks on a wafer thin line and doesn’t make an impact after a point.

  Santosh Narayanan’s music and Sathyan Sooryan’s visuals are what make Dasara. Although the film tells a predictable story, it has enough meat to sustain itself.

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