Emergency NYC New Drama Series Review

Emergency NYC Season 1 Review 

Emergency NYC is an eye-opening, heart-pounding and nail-biting reality series that follows the lives of first responders in the NYC area. With nearly 300 calls received every hour (we’ve learned that’s about 2.7 million calls a year!) these boys and girls are real heroes among us, doing everything they can to save lives.

  Split into 8 episodes, each lasting around 35 minutes or so (with a 5 minute credits at the end!) it’s an easy show to watch. The style and format of Emergency NYC is faster than that show, but the intent is basically the same.

  Using fly-on-the-wall cameras and clipped talking head interviews, each episode focuses on 3 or 4 different patients and their problems, while incorporating personal details about the nurses and doctors who work there, their lives and what they do. for.


  Understandably, COVID has been a big theme throughout this season, discussing the consequences of lockdowns, including some people who have been stuck inside and have long-term health problems that have subsequently worsened due to being away. hospitals.

  There are recurring nurses and doctors we follow throughout the season, including Dr. Langer, Nurse Vicky, Dr. Macri, and Nurse Darby.  

Personally, it would be nice to hear more about how doctors and nurses feel about the health care system in America itself. Given that the US does not have universal health care and a large portion of its population does not have health insurance, seeing this discussed would have helped develop the documentary a bit more.

  Nevertheless, Urgent NYC is worth watching. If you want to see how a US hospital works, especially the lives of first responders, this Netflix series is worth watching.

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