Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves New Movie Ending Explained

Ending Explained 
  In Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Edgy’s family is torn apart by his decision to become part of an honorable secret society. He tries to make up for it by stealing, but ends up in prison after being separated from his daughter for two years. His journey to reunite his family has him robbing sacred tombs, visiting the Underworld, fighting wizards, and more.

  Will Edgin and his friends continue their search?

  In the last installment of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Theives, Edgin and his companions have just returned from the Dark Underworld and Simon is unable to fit the Helmet of Disjunction, indicating that their quest has failed. If they can’t use the helmet, then it will be very difficult to defeat Sofina and get Edgy’s daughter back.


  They hatch a plan to use the staff there to sneak into Forge Castle. Through some creative antics, and finally after Simon confidently fits into the helmet, the team does.

  Kira starts laughing and the tentacle wraps around Edgy. It was Sofina disguised as Kira. Forge enters and Edgin pleads that he and the others attend the High Sun Games rather than kill them with Sofina’s tentacle. Forge and Sofina decide to let it go.

  Do our heroes survive in the High Sun games?

  They find Edgin, Holga, Simon and Doric in a hole in the floor of the arena. Doric and Simon have magic-limiting bracelets on their wrists. 

 Doric manages to get an ax and cuts off the wolf’s tongue as it wraps around Holga’s leg. Doric is then caught in an almost gel-like block of acid. Her hand gets stuck and Holga pulls it out, but her magic-limiting bracelet is left behind.

  After being chased by a panther creature, they reach the middle of the maze, where a safe cage awaits them. They choose not to enter, but lead Doric’s path to the acid block. They all get blocked right before the end of the game. The block goes underground and Doric turns into a snake and crawls out of the block. He transforms into a human and takes them out in time before their flesh burns.

  Does Edgin get Kira back?

  Beneath the arena, Edgin finds a key to unlock Simon’s bracelet, and they find the awakening tablet on Forge’s ship, along with all the other treasure Forge has collected. Forge holds a knife to Kira’s throat and threatens to kill her if they don’t get off her boat.

  Simon uses the wand here to transport Forge’s treasure to the hot air balloon flying above. The treasure pours in, and the citizens rejoice in what they can do for themselves. This keeps citizens away from Sofina’s toxic clouds.

  Does the group survive Sofiane’s wrath?

  Sofina realizes what they are doing and starts sending fireballs at them. Doric transforms into an owl bear and starts attacking Sophia. Sofina animates a nearby stone dragon and the entire team tries to fight it until it plants its jaws on Edgy’s (still alive) head.

  Sofina puts Edgina and Holga in the bubble, which creates a giant, floating, fleshy, red hand to send after Doric and Simon. But Simon creates his own giant hand out of stone to stop it. Hands fight each other. Edgin and Holga’s bubble is broken. Sophie’s hand lifts Simon into the air, but her own hand catches him. All four of them start raising their hands to Sofina.

  Sofina creates a time stop and everyone freezes except for her. He transforms into a creepy skeletal entity and walks towards Edgin, speaking menacingly. Edgin undresses her and says she has bad breath. Suddenly, a magic-limiting bracelet is placed on Sofina’s arm. Kira appears. He used his invisible necklace to approach Sophie and put the bracelet on her. Simon had stopped Sophie from stopping time.  

 Can Edgin get his wife back?

  They see that he is sitting by the spring with a knife stuck in his chest. It’s a red mage’s poison blade, meaning it has no cure.  

  Edgin pulls out an awakening tablet that he plans to use to revive his wife, but with Kira’s approval, he casts a spell and uses the tablet to bring Holga back.

  They all live happily ever after – except, of course, Forg, who ends up in prison and tries unsuccessfully to escape.

  Dungeons and Dragons: What is the deeper meaning of honor among thieves?

  There is some mistrust between Kira and Edgin throughout the film. Edgin had left him two years ago to buy a wake-up tablet.  

  When Holga dies, Edgin realizes that Kira never knew her mother and will win her back more for himself. He realizes that Kira has known Holga all her life and that Holga is helping to raise her. Kira and Edgy’s relationship is rebuilt when they decide to use the tablet on Holga.


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