Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Movie Review

Movie Review 

  Wizards, portals, quests, and of course, dungeons and dragons – this movie has the perfect ingredients for an epic adventure – and boy does it deliver.

  In Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Edgy’s family is torn apart by his decision to become part of an honorable secret society. He tries to make up for it by stealing, but ends up in prison after being separated from his daughter for two years. His journey to reunite his family has him and his companions robbing sacred tombs, visiting the Dark Six, fighting wizards, and more.

  The makers of the movie have done a great job with this movie. Except for some fancy father-daughter drama, Honor Among Thieves really feels like Dungeons & Dragons come to life. It totally fulfills the fantasy travel experience that everyone dreams of every once in a while.

  Heavy hitters like Hugh Grant and Justice Smith are undeniably cast in Honor Among Thieves, as are Daisy Head (who played Genya in Shadow and Bone) and Michelle Rodriguez. Each actor does an excellent job portraying their character, and each has well-developed personalities that are instantly defined each time a new character is introduced.

  Chris Pine also makes for the perfect Edgin, combining villainy and intelligence while remaining an honorable character.

  This is one of those rare adventure movies that you can watch over and over again and not get tired of. The sense of adventure that comes with the quest, along with the humor, gives it a bit of a Princess Bride feel. You can’t help but smile or laugh at certain moments. It also has surprisingly little foul language, making it a great candidate for families to watch together.

  Overall, Honor Among Thieves is a thoroughly enjoyable adventure fantasy film suitable for most ages, with some unforgettable laugh-out-loud moments. If they try to make a sequel (as great as it is), it may have a hard time living up to its predecessor.  

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