Criminal Minds New Web Series New Season Episode 10 Recap, Review And Ending Explained

Episode 10 

Crystal is proud of Rossi’s promotion to division chief. He tells Rossi that he should keep working rather than thinking about retirement. He promises her that he will continue to do the important work of saving lives at the BAU.

  In the present, Rossi is in an underground container where Voit put him. Rossi sees a bomb and a surveillance camera.

  How does the BAU team continue Voit’s case?

  When Rossi is kidnapped, the team in the Seattle office profiles Voit. William (JJ’s husband) also helps out. They hope to get Voit alive because he is the only one who knows where Rossi is. Garcia tries to find the IP address that Voit sent, but is frustrated because he is running out of time. The team knows they are dealing with a brilliant criminal, so they try to think outside the box.

  Meanwhile, Emily tries to convince Attorney General Louise Davis to negotiate with Voit. Emily is worried that Voit will kill her family and Rossi while he’s cornered. Deputy director Doug Bailey disagrees. Emily insists that they must show Voit that they are willing to negotiate in order to buy enough time to save Rossi. Rebecca suggests that they allow the BAU some leeway, and the Attorney General agrees.

  Elsewhere, Voit takes his family into hiding in a remote house. His wife trusts him and believes he is trying to keep them safe.  

  Emily feels that Voight is taking advantage of Bailey’s failure to set the record straight that Benjamin is not Sicarius. He believes Voit is studying Bailey and wants to use him to play a different angle. As always, Emily is right.

  Voit asks Bailey to make a deal with him. He asks Bailey to cancel the nationwide BOLO for him for one day. After that, he promises that he will disappear like a bad dream and that Rossi will be freed. Emily and Tara lead Bailey to make a deal only after he agrees to save Voit’s family as well.

  Things don’t go well with Voit as he casually mentions something about Bailey liking the gold star, which freaks Bailey out. Bailey is worried that Rossi was killed, but Emily and Tara convince her that it’s okay to get under Voit’s skin.

  When Voit calls the BAU, they try to locate Rossi using the video he shot.  

  Bailey tells the attorney general that Voit knows about Gold Star. Rebecca says the legal and safest way to avoid the issue is to let Voit go. Bailey asks for another option, and Rebecca says they can kill Voit and consider Rossi and the Voit family inevitable collateral damage. Bailey points out that the BAU will never accept Rossi’s disappearance and will investigate why it happened, so they come up with a plan that will work for everyone.

What is going on with the Voit family?
  Voit’s wife grows suspicious of Voit after he continues to mix up their stories. He continues to catch her with little lies and finds her behavior strange. He tries to calm the children and asks them to trust him. The children find the situation strange and wonder why their mother is still with their father.

  Meanwhile, Garcia does a background search on Voit’s family and finally gets a lead on where he and his family are staying. Bailey insists on going to the estate to negotiate Voit’s surrender.

  At home, Voit’s wife gets tired of the lies and confronts him. He demands the truth and she snaps at him and he realizes his mistake in not trusting Rossi. When Voit sees the police, he pulls out his gun and locks his family in the room.  

Voit calls the BAU again and Emily tells him they know Rossi lost contact with his container. They hope Rossi has escaped and advise Voit to speak to Bailey in person. Voit takes Bailey home and Bailey tells him


  What’s going on with Voit?

  After his arrest, Voit refuses to talk and is sure to speak only to the Attorney General. JJ asks his wife to talk to him and help him convince Voit to tell him Rossi’s location. His wife is shocked and blames herself for not seeing the signs of his serial killer ways.  

He agrees to talk to her and she is unapologetic about wanting to kill them in the end.  

  Has the signal been decrypted?

  Rossi figures out how to mess with Voit’s system and texts him and gets under his skin. Before Rossi turns off the alarm, Garcia also takes the video, and he, Luke, and Tara try to decipher his message to them.  
  Emily updates Bailey and Rebekah, suspecting that the Attorney General wants to release Voight.

  In the underground container, Rossi begins to hallucinate. Finally, he makes a breakthrough in his grief, and Crystal’s ghost asks him to hang in there. After Voit is arrested, they finally rescue Rossi. The unit happily reunites, but mourn the loss of Bailey.

  What’s going on with Garcia and Tyler?

  Tyler’s betrayal and Rossi’s kidnapping leave Garcia devastated. He fears that Rossi and Tyler might die because Tyler was shot by Voit while trying to be a vigilante hero. After the operation, she apologizes to Garcia and he leaves her.

  How does Criminal Minds: Evolution end?
  Tara tells Rebecca about Bailey’s death and asks her to tell the truth so they can save Rossi.  

Episode Review

  Bailey should have heeded the warnings, but unfortunately his decisions cost him his life. I didn’t like her character, could have been an amazing arc but quickly became unbearable.

  I can’t imagine how the Voit family must have felt after learning the truth. For fifteen years, his wife slept with the country’s most dangerous and prolific serial killer and had no idea. Did this difference make you paranoid too?

  I’m glad Rossi is safe. His time in the container gave him time to face some of the things he had been avoiding. It pisses me off that the Attorney General is willing to bail him out to protect himself, doesn’t he know what Rossi has to give up for this case? He deserves to think he’s willing to do better and let him die!

  It was great to see William and JJ working together again and we definitely need more of this. In conclusion, I am interested in learning about the Gold Star, what do you think it is?

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