Bholaa New Bollywood Movie Honest Review, Ajay Devgan

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This week’s only mainstream Hindi release, Bholaa is a well-executed actioner that hits the right notes thanks to Ajay Devgn’s intense performance and great vision.

  A remake of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Tamil blockbuster Kaithi, the film revolves around an ex-convict who is roped in by IPS Diana Joseph (Tabu) to carry out an assignment for the cops during a major crisis. He reluctantly agrees to help them after promising to help her meet her daughter, who is staying at an orphanage.  

 The hero soon finds himself in the middle of a war between the police and the drug-trafficking mafia. The rest of the story revolves around her attempts to fight off threatening enemies in order to reunite with her child.

  Bholaa sticks to Kaithi when it comes to the main storyline. Lokesh Kanagaraj took the time to build the world of Kaithi. Moreover, his action scenes looked realistic.

  Ajay Devgn, on the other hand, treats Bholaa as a star vehicle. Each scene creates an aura around the protagonist. This sets the stage for a few whistle-worthy moments. Plus, the action scenes feel great and gorgeous. The decision to cast Tabu first in the role played by Narai also proves to be a smart one as it changes the dynamic in the play.

  Bholaa begins with an intense chase sequence that introduces us to Diana. Soon the focus shifts to Ajay Devgn’s character. A series of edgy dialogues establish him as someone who knows no fear. Devgn’s silence in these scenes speaks volumes.  

 Tabu’s sequence with Shivaay actor is also a highlight of Bholaa. Ace performers complement each other very well. In a touching scene, they talk about their sad past.

  Featuring Devgn and his spinster girl, the track adds a touch of subtlety to an essentially violent and dark film.

  A crucial sequence set in a police station also works quite well and gives us a proper look at the dreaded Nithari (Vineet Kumar).

  Action scenes are the backbone of Bholaan. They do a good job of moving the story forward. The Paan Dukania number is also integrated into the plot quite cleverly.

  On the flip side, the flashback portions fail to add much to Bhola. They feel rushed and predictable. It’s a shame because they had the potential to add another layer to the film. Likewise, several characters feel half-baked because they don’t get enough coverage. The creators could also explore Tabu’s tragic history.  

He also excels in action scenes like in Singham serial. The actor is equally good in emotional scenes as he uses his eyes to express the character’s agony. Note his heartbroken expression in the scene where he hears his daughter’s voice for the first time.

  He also makes a decent impact in a few action scenes.

  Deepak Dobriyal shines in some of Bholaa’s most edgy scenes. However, he deserved a meatier role.

  Vineet is at his best in a disturbing scene where he threatens to destroy the police. He deserved more screen time too.

Sanjay Mishra proves that Bholaan is a surprise package. The actor, who is often burdened with one-dimensional comedy roles, received praise for his work in Vadh. This is a wonderful trip for him. The actor gives a natural and calm performance. This makes it easier for one to relate to his character, while the rest of the cast serves their purpose.

  Bholaa has dialogues like ‘pandav bhi paanch the’ and ‘shakal dekh kar chargsheet banane lagi hai polis’ which cater to the masses. Unfortunately, the music is not up to par. Except for the soulful Nazar Lag Jayegi, none of the songs make any impact. This is quite surprising considering that the tunes are composed by Ravi Basur, who shot to fame for his work in KGF.

  In conclusion, Bholaa is a treat for Ajay Devgn fans. From action scenes to punchy dialogues, it has everything you’d expect from a big-screen spectacle meant for mass audiences.

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