Bake Squad New Netflix Web Series Season 1 Review

Bake Squad Season 1 Review 

Bake Squad is a Netflix original series that follows pastry chef Christina Tosi as she selects four bakers to compete in a baking battle. The winning baker will create the chosen dessert for the customer’s extra special big day.

  In season 2, Christina chooses Christophe, a pastry illusionist, and Maya-Camille, who loves perfect flavors in her pastries. Gonzo, who loves working with chocolate, and Ashley, the queen of cakes, are also featured. These bakers are experts in various areas of the pastry industry. One likes to work with sugar, one with chocolate, one with flavoring, and one with cake.

  In this show, they fight to make someone’s day as special as a surprise. They reimagine customers’ orders to bring that extra oomph. As you can imagine, bakers are willing to do anything!  

  In the stage where this happens, there are four places for bakers, and each one has everything a baker could want. Before each baking event, they must get into their creative zone using a variety of techniques.


  Maya-Kamil is confident and in her own zone, but she feels threatened every now and then. Gonzo the chocolate lover is really talented. He could literally do anything from chocolate to a baseball bat to a piano and he really goes above and beyond.  

  All eight episodes feature different reimaginings that make for a really interesting watch. Sometimes children grow up, but time passes before they show their potential. I think the bakers should be given more time so we can see their hard work.

  For some of the bakers, it would be helpful if they went for simplicity, because sometimes simplicity is beautiful. The length of the episodes could have been better; especially a longer reaction video from the guests would be enough. At the same time, the series does a great job portraying the teamwork shown.

  Bake Squad is a heartwarming family-friendly show. It’s not the best baking show out there, but if you love pastries and desserts, it’s worth a look.

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